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Shop Local


We live in a great area with its many festivals, great shopping, and historic sites.

Like you, we regularly make purchases for our business. Whenever possible, we shop locally instead of on the Internet to support our existing partners and others in the community.

Money spent locally creates a ripple effect as businesses and employees spend their earnings locally. This creates a cycle where a higher percentage of every dollar spent at local owned businesses gets redeployed back into the community.

If the owner of a local business is a local resident, then they are more likely to spend his/her earnings on products and services here in the area.

Also, a business is more likely to utilize other local businesses to provide services (e.g., accounting, legal, advertising/marketing, catering, and entertainment). These businesses will, in turn, have more money to invest back into this area. They also pay taxes, which fund city services and make our community stronger.

Local businesses provide jobs for our neighbors, and the more you can do to aid local business growth, the more jobs you’ll help create. Local businesses tend to hire a greater percentage of their employees from their own region than companies headquartered out-of-market.

Simply put, if residents spend more at locally-based businesses, it pumps more money into our local economy. With an increasing number of people perusing the global marketplace online, it has never been more important to "Shop Local" and support our local business owners.

Let's work together to help grow our community.

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